Sandy Population Demographics

According to US population projections for 2022, the estimated population of Sandy is 95,038. 28.18% is under 18, while 15.20% is over 65.

A closer look at the age demography reveals that 6.09% of the population was five years old or younger, 28.18% were 18 years or younger and 28.11% were aged 65 years and over. The gender split in the state was nearly even, with 50.53% female and 49.47% male.

Sandy Housing

According to the US Census, Sandy has 34,406 housing units. The average owner-occupied housing unit rate in Sandy was 97.62%. At the same time, the city's median value of owner-occupied homes was $516,400

Sandy Racial Demographics

In 2020, the US Census estimated that White Alone and Asian Alone constitute 85.26% of Sandy's population. Residents of the city who were Some Other Race Alone, made up 4.09% of the total population.

Other racial groups include Black Or African American Alone, constituting 1.01% of the city's population and Native Hawaiian And Other Pacific Islander Alone at 0.71%

White Alone81.05%
Asian Alone4.21%
Some Other Race Alone4.09%
Black Or African American Alone1.01%
Native Hawaiian And Other Pacific Islander Alone0.71%
American Indian And Alaska Native Alone0.62%

How Educated is Sandy

According to Census estimates, in 2021, 30.2 of Sandy residents had a bachelor's degree, while 16 had a graduate or professional degree.

Overall, 46.20% of residents have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Education Attainment (Population 25 Years and Older) in Sandy CityPercentage
High School Graduate Or Higher91.6
Bachelors Degree Or Higher41.6
Some College Or Associates Degree36.2
Bachelors Degree30.2
Some College No Degree21.5
High School Graduate Includes Equivalency18.2

Average Income in Sandy

The median household income in Sandy is $100,153. This figure is significantly (approximately 0.00%) less than the state average of $100,153.

Estimates by family type revealed that families earned an average of $112,755 per year, while married-couple families earned an average of $122,896.

A closer examination of the income groups of Sandy households revealed that the largest income group consisted of households with an annual income between $100,000 and $149,999. Other groups with yearly high household incomes include those between $50,000 and $74,999 (14.9%) and those with incomes exceeding $200,000 (14.9%). 4.5% of households in the City of Angels had an annual income of less than $10,000.

Median Income by Type of Family

Type of FamilyIncome
Married-couple families$122,896
Nonfamily households$51,171